Eligible Members

The eligible member list will be updated on Monday EVENINGS only during the winter break with a list of those members that are eligible to participate in MHSRA sanctioned events.


If your name is NOT on the list below, you ARE NOT eligible to rodeo, cow cut, or participate in any MHSRA sanctioned events.


Please see the Membership Information page for more information and an application check list. All members owing turnout fees or fines from any previous rodeos will not be eligible to enter or participate in any MHSRA sanctioned events until payment has been received at the State Office.


If your name is not on the following list you have not or did not either:          


  1. Pay turnout fees that are owed from any previous rodeo/cutting.
  2. Submit medical release signed by a physician if you were a med out at a previous rodeo/cutting.
  3. Submit a complete and correct membership application along with all required accompanying documents (see check list on Forms page).
  4. Submit previous SEMESTER grades.  Grades must be submitted twice per year (refer to MHSRA Ground Rules).

Eligible Members

Eligible Members as of 01/26/15


Baker, Faith
Bliss, Robert
Brooks, Dalton
Brown, Houston
Clark, Trevor
Johnson, Melanie
Murnion, Koree
Negaard, Katy
Orahood, Billie
Orahood, Frankie
Swinney, Sable
Vance, Laney
Waters, Madison