Montana High School Rodeo Association

Membership Info

MHSRA and Jr. High - All memberships are completed through MMS at nhsra.com.

Home School - Complete, sign and upload Home School Verification Form.

Remember that if you want to go to State Finals, you have to have at least one point in an event before you enter that event at State, and you have to sell 30 raffle tickets, and have them to Barb Clark, by April 3, 2023.  Raffle information, and the list of tickets sold, will be found under "Fundraisers" on the Home Page.

Read the MHSRA website,MHSRA Facebook page and your NHSRA Rule Book, to keep in touch with the current news and rules that you need to be aware of. Remember it is the member’s responsibility to know the rules and deadlines.

Point System:

  • Two Rodeos – There are two sets of points available at each rodeo location. Rodeo 1 is one set of points, rodeo 2 is a second set of points. You may enter only one rodeo for that location. By entering only one of the rodeos you will only be eligible for that rodeo’s points. The points system is take the 15 best rodeos in each event to the State Finals.
  • Mandatory Jackpot – There is now a mandatory jackpot of $10 per event, per rodeo for High School and $5 and event, per rodeo for Jr. High.
  • All-Around Points – The all-around points will be calculated as the best 15 rodeos in each event plus State Finals points in each event, except for Cutting and Cow Horse.  As per the NHSRA Rule Book, only points earned at State Finals will count towards the All Around. Any member qualifying in and entering more than one event at the State Finals will be included in the all-around.

Verify Eligibility - Check your eligibility status on the MHSRA website under "Eligibility". If your name is not on the eligible members list, you are not eligible to rodeo, cut, or participate in sanctioned events. Note: Members will be made eligible as membership applications, semester grades, turn out payments and medical releases are received.

Reining Cow Horse -MHSRA will be sanctioning several of these events, some in conjunction with the cow cutting.

  • Click to view the NHSRA rules and guidelines.
  • Click to view the NHSRA reining cow horse pattern.

Please call your State Directors with questions.


Shooting Sports Events - MHSRA will be sanctioning a few shooting sports events this season.  Shooting Sports will now have entry fees, payouts and season points will be calculated. All Around points will NOT be awarded for shooting sports.  If you have any questions please reach out to our shooting sports coordinator, Dan Wyatt.

Rules Clarifications:

  • Contestant Attire - NHSRA Rule book, page 27 (6.a.1.), Contestant parent, adults, helpers and assistants must wear western attire: western hat, long sleeved shirt (must be wrist length sleeved shirt, with collar and cuffs. No sweat shirts, T-shirts or pullover sweaters allowed), western boots, and western trousers at all time during a performance while in the following areas: the arenas, chute area, stock working areas. Any contestant in any seating area, whether competing or not.
  • Call Backs - Call backs are on Thursday after entry for a rodeo. Changes can be done at that time for the rodeo, or rodeos, that are being entered that week, or you can draw out of that rodeo. Online entries will receive a confirmation email.  Keep that until after the rodeo.  The pre-drawn rodeos will be on the website Tuesday after phone entries for contestants to check to make sure entries are correct. If you do not call back your entry will stay as posted.
  • Turn Out Charge - See our Ground Rules for Turn Out Rules.
  • Bad Checks - There will be a $25 charge for issuing a NSF check at a rodeo and after one time the member will be on a cash only basis, with their name on list to all rodeo secretaries.
  • Medical Insurance - If you are hurt at a rodeo, get a claim form from the local rodeo secretary (make sure she signs the bottom section). Show your membership card as proof of insurance to medical people and collect all bills yourself and submit them to the address on the top of the form. Remember the high school insurance is a secondary insurance. Claims against your own personal insurance will be 1st - unless the high school rodeo insurance is the only insurance that is being carried - then it will be primary.
  • Medical Release / Veterinary Release - If a contestant meds or vets out of a rodeo/cutting, the release must be signed by a doctor or veterinarian and be turned into the State Secretary to arrive within 72 hours of that rodeo/cutting. VET OUTS - Any member wanting to Vet Release out of a rodeo (after entries have closed) will have to pay a $30 per event, per rodeo fee, with $20 going to the committee to cover stock charges, and $10 going to MHSRA/MHSRA Jr. High.  If entry fees are paid for both rodeos and the contestant needs to Vet Out for the next day, said contestant has the option to have fees returned to them, but will still pay the $30 Vet Out fee.
  • Medical Release from Rodeos - NHSRA Rule book, page 28 (6.c.2.c.) , A contestant with a visible injury or illness may turn out of any event at a rodeo without a doctor’s written excuse provided notification of such turn out is authorized by a judge or National Director at the given rodeo. If a contestant has drawn out with a visible injury he/she must have a doctor’s release to resume competition. A contestant that has been injured and has received medical care at a hospital or urgent care facility must have a doctor’s release before the contestant is allowed to resume competition. If a contestant has presented a doctor’s release to draw out, he/she must present another doctor’s release to resume competition.