Montana High School Rodeo Association

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All forms are listed below.

Membership applications

Student Athlete of the month

Equine Athlete of the month

Scholarship and information

2017-2018 Fall Rodeo Calander 

Cinch Team information

Raffle Ticket Count Form

MHSRA/Jr. High Ground Rules and Constitution and By-Laws

Certified Secretaries and Timers

Download the information and print it off as needed. (Click on the Arrow on the left to download forms)Membership forms are fillable so that you can type your information in the spaces provided and then print them off for signatures and to be notorized as needed. Please if you have any questions call either the high school office or the junior high office and we will be glad to help you.


Board Of Directors

download 2017-2018 Board of Directors


download Clinic Scholarship membership form $100.00 towards approved MHSRA clinics
download Scholarship Clinic Approval form to be filled out by clinic host

Day Sheets

download Havre HS - JH #1 Subject to change
download Havre HS - JH #2 Subject to change
download Boulder HS #1 Subject to change
download Boulder HS #2 Subject to change


download District Map

Entering Information

download Online entering information

Ground Rules & Constitution and By Laws

download Ground Rules MHSRA and Jr. High Ground Rules
download Constitution and By Laws MHSRA Constitution and By Laws
download 2016-2018 NHSRA Rule Book

Jackpot pay out

download Browning HS Jackpot
download Cut Bank HS Jackpot
download Browning JH Girls Jackpot
download Cut Bank JH Boys Jackpot
download Cut Bank JH Girls Jackpot
download Wibaux Jr. High Jackpot
download Broadus Jr. High Jackpot
download Broadus HS Jackpot
download Bozeman JH Jackpot
download Bozeman HS Jackpot
download Whitehall HS Jackpot
download Dillon HS Jackpot
download Glasgow JH Jackpot
download Dillon JH Jackpot
download Polson HS Jackpot
download Polson JH Jackpot
download Havre JH Jackpot
download Havre HS Jackpot
download Boulder HS Jackpot

Jackpot payout

download Browning JH Boys Jackpot


download 2017-2018 HS Membership Application
download 2017-2018 JH Membership Application

Raffle Fundraiser

download Raffle Ticket Count sheet High School, Junior High


download NHSRA Student Elite equine athlete
download NHSRA Equine Athlete High School and Jr. High
download NHSRA Jr. High Student Athlete Application Due in to NHSRA by May 1, 2017
download 2016-2017 Cinch Team Qualification
download Jr. High Cinch Team - 2016-2017 Jr. High Cinch Team
download 2016-2017 Cinch Team
download 2017-2018 Fall Rodeo Calander Approved
download 2017 Fall Schedule Rodeo/Entry dates & times, stalls, etc.

Rodeo Personnel

download Certified Secretary/Timers
download Rodeo committee contract & Liability forms Rodeo committee paperwork


download MHSRA Scholarship application 2017-2018 year
download MHSRA Scholarship claim form Submit to office
download ReAct Scholarship form
download 2017 8th Grade National Cinch Scholarship
download Information for 8th Grade Cinch Scholarship


download Gilean Newman Scholarship
download Gilean Newman Bio
download 2016-2017 Scholarships awarded
download J.D Hutchinson Memorial Scholarship
download NHSRA foundation scholarship claim form form for claiming NHSRA scholarships
download Foundation NHSRA Senior application
download Foundation NHSRA information

State Finals

download 2016 State finals year end winners
download 2017 State finals year end winners