Montana High School Rodeo Association

Downloadable documents

All forms are listed below.

Membership applications

Student Athlete of the month

Equine Athlete of the month

Scholarship and information

2018-2019 Fall Rodeo Calander 

Cinch Team information

Raffle Ticket Count Form

MHSRA/Jr. High Ground Rules and Constitution and By-Laws

Certified Secretaries and Timers

Download the information and print it off as needed. (Click on the Arrow on the left to download forms)Membership forms are fillable so that you can type your information in the spaces provided and then print them off for signatures and to be notorized as needed. Please if you have any questions call either the high school office or the junior high office and we will be glad to help you.


Approved Spring Rodeos

download Spring Calendar Subject to change
download Sping 2021 Master Schedule Rodeo information for Spring 2021 rodeos

Badlands Challenge

download Entry Form

Board Of Directors

download 2020-2021 Board of Directors
download Lewistown Meeting Minutes Unapproved Minutes from Billings Board Meeting, January 24, 2021

Cinch Team

download 2019-2020 High School Cinch Team
download 2020-2021 Junior High Cinch Team Junior High Cinch Team Members


download Clinic Scholarship Claim Form $100.00 towards approved MHSRA clinics
download Scholarship Clinic Approval form To be filled out by clinic host
download Ken Smith Pole Bending Clinic June 2-3, 4, 5-6, 2021 at the Silver Spur Ranch in Powell, WY
download Ken Smith Pole Bending Clinics R Bar B Arena in Helena

Cow Horse

download Pattern 4
download Pattern 5

Crisis Fund

download Crisis Fund Application

Day Sheets

download Harlowton HS #1 - Daysheet Daysheet for Harlowton HS #1
download Harlowton HS #2 - Daysheet Daysheet - Harlowton HS #2
download Big Timber HS #1 Daysheet Daysheet for Big Timber HS #1
download Big Timber HS #2 Daysheet Daysheet for Big Timber HS #2


download District Map

Entering Information

download Online entering information

Ground Rules & Constitution and By Laws

download Ground Rules MHSRA and Jr. High Ground Rules
download Constitution and By Laws MHSRA Constitution and By Laws
download New NHSRA Rule Changes
download New Patch Program Rules


download Glendive HS Jackpot
download Roundup HS Jackpot - Sat
download Roundup HS Jackpot - Sun
download Roundup JH Jackpot - Sat
download Roundup JH Jackpot - Sun
download Conrad HS Jackpot - Sat
download Conrad HS Jackpot - Sun
download Choteau HS Jackpot #1
download Choteau HS Jackpot #2
download Jordan HS Jackpot #1
download Jordan HS Jackpot #2
download Butte HS Jackpot #1
download Butte HS Jackpot #2
download Cohagen HS Jackpot - Sat
download Cohagen HS Jackpot - Sun
download Cohagen Jr High Jackpot - Sat
download Cohagen Jr. High Jackpot - Sun
download Deer Lodge High School Jackpot - Sat
download Deer Lodge High School Jackpot - Sun
download Shelby High School Jackpot - both
download Hamilton High School Jackpot - Sat
download Hamilton High School Jackpot #2
download Harlowton Jackpot - Fri
download Harlowton Jackpot - Sat
download Big Timber Jackpot #1
download Big Timber Jackpot #2

Judges Evaluations

download Judges Evaluations For State Directors Evaluating Judges
download Judges Rating Sheet For Judges Evaluating Judges


download East Helena Liability Release Form Must be signed before contestants can rodeo in East Helena. Take to Check In to turn in.
download MMS Tutorial
download HS/JH Membership Checklist How to get your 2020-2021 membership, and Checklist on filling out the HS/JH Membership Applications & Minor's Release Forms.

Mentorship Program

download MHSRA/Jr. High Student Mentorship Program

National Forms

download National Equine Athlete Application High School and Jr. High
download National Student Athlete Application High School and Jr. High
download NHSRA Horse of the Year

Raffle Fundraiser

download Raffle Ticket Count sheet High School, Junior High

Rodeo Personnel

download Certified Secretary/Timers
download Rodeo Committee Approval Form Rodeo committee paperwork
download MHSRA Timer Rule Book
download 2020-2021 Rodeo Insurance Application


download MHSRA Scholarship application 2020-2021 year
download MHSRA Scholarship claim form Submit to office
download JD Hutchinson Scholarship For 2020-2021
download NDSU Scholarship Application North Dakota State University
download J.O. Cravens Memorial Scholarship 2021 Scholarship
download reAct Scholarship Form 2020-2021

State Finals

download Shooting Sports Guide
download Senior Bio Letter Senior Biographies for State Finals Program
download High School State Finals Schedule 2020-2021
download JH State Finals - Pre Registration JH State Finals - Pre Registration Info
download Baker Committee Stall and camping information
download 2021 National Entry Form High School National Finals
download 2021 JH National Paperwork 2021 JH National Paperwork - Entry Form
download JH State Finals - Schedule Schedule for 2021 JH State Finals