Montana High School Rodeo Association


The Montana High School Rodeo Association (MHSRA) is one of the 41 states, 5 Canadian provinces, and Australia that is involved in the National High School Rodeo Association (NHSRA)

Founded in 1947 by Claude Mullins, there are currently 12,500 students in the NHSRA competing in over 1,100 sanctioned rodeos every year. MHSRA members compete at the state level for local recognition and the top four contestants in each event then qualify to compete in the National High School Finals Rodeo held in July. At the NHSFR over 1,500 contestants compete for national titles, awards and scholarships. By being a student member of the MHSRA, contestants also have an opportunity to be awarded college scholarships and scholarship assistance for continuing their educational careers. The NHSRA is an independent student athletic association that relies on the financial assistance of sponsors. For more information about the MHSRA, follow the links on the left and contact any of the directors or secretary.

Montana Musings


MHSRA Booth @ NILE - Billings, MT

Montana High School Rodeo Association will have a booth on the concourse inside the Metra during the 3 nights of the Pro Rodeo.  This is a great opportunity to promote HS Rodeo and to also sell your raffle tickets.  If you would like to help at the booth please contact Grace Wiening at gracewiening@gmail.com.  The nights are October 21, 22 & 23rd, the rodeo starts at 7.



 The Montana Pro Rodeo Hall and Wall of Fame awarded their 2021 collegiate scholarships to nine deserving high school seniors at the Montana High School Rodeo State Finals in Baker, Montana.  These scholarships are awarded based on academics, rodeo participation, community service and need.

This year marks the 17th year that these scholarships have been awarded to deserving Montana high school rodeo athletes.  This year's recipients areBraleigh Garrett - Butte, Haven Wolstein-Helena,Cece Reid-Poplar, Laney Johnson-Havre,Logan Smith-Deerlodge, Trace Martin-Lewistown,Kaleb Norstrom-Helena, Garrett Cunningham - Broadus and Paige Palin - Corvallis (Miss Montana High School Rodeo Queen 2021).

The Montana Pro Rodeo Hall and Wall of Fame is the largest provider of scholarships to high school rodeo participants in the nation.  In sixteen years, $570,000.00 has been awarded to 190 students.  The MPRHWF is a non-profit organization dedicated to preservng the western and rodeo heritage of Montana, as well as providing Montana high school students the opportunity to continue their education.  For more information about our organization, please visit our website at www.montanaprorodeo.org. 




HIGH SCHOOL AND JR. HIGH MEMBERSHIPS FOR THE 2021-2022 SEASON ARE OPEN, THROUGH THE NHSRA MEMBERSHIP MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.  The tutorial on how to do this is on the website under "Forms" and then "Membership".  You still need all the notarized signatures on the forms.  IMPORTANT - You will need BOTH parent's notarized signatures on the forms.  If only one is signing, it needs to be specified "deceased", or "sole custody", or the membership will not be accepted. Once forms are signed and notarized, you will upload them back into the contestant profile.  Membership payment has to be done by credit card through the MMS before you will be able to print out the forms.  High School memberships are $154 and Jr. High $110, plus credit card fees.  If you have any questions, please call Debbie at the High School State Office or Billie at the Jr. High State Office.


2021 Fall Master Schedule is up under "FORMS"   Make sure to check out deadline dates for membership and entries.


MENTORSHIP PROGRAM:  Mentorship Program information is on the website under "Forms" and then "Mentorship Program".  It's a chance to get a waiver for your next year's membership.













Day Sheets for the rodeos:  Will be posted under "Forms", and then "Day Sheets".  REMINDER:  The Order of Events are SUBJECT TO CHANGE.  It is the responsibility of the contestants to be there on time.





Light Rifle & Trap Shoot Clinic -

Havre Oct. 16 & 17 during the HS/JH Rodeo

Trap Shooting Clinic and Trap Shoot Saturday October 16th 6:00 pm at the Havre Trap Club. Lights will allow shooting into the night. Coaches available to provide one-on-one coaching. Please take this opportunity to learn how to become a better shooter and have some fun and give you a better opportunity to be successful during the State Finals Trap Shooting Event. You must register by texting your name to 406-399-0524 no later than Wednesday 13 October. Only open to High School Students. You do not have to compete in a rodeo event in order to participate in the shooting program. Please bring your own ammo. If you do not have any ammo it is possible some will be available.


Fall Tobacco Free Rodeos are:  Lewistown, Broadus, Broadus CT/CH, Hamilton, Hamilton CT/CH, Bozeman and Havre




CLINIC APPROVALS: (Can use $100 Clinic Scholarship for these)

See all the information under "Forms" and then "Clinics" 


 Goat Tying Clinic - November 13-14, 2021 at Miles Community College  For more information see the flyer under "forms" and then "clinics"







Looking for someone

If you are needing a Team Roping or Ribbon Roping Partner, call Debbie at 557-2610, or Billie at 421-5658.  Give us your information (name, number, and whether you head or heel), and we will put you on the website.

High SchooL:

Kamryn Jones is looking for a Team Roping Partner for Havre - Either end. Pleae call 406-241-1401.

Rafe Brastrup needs a Team Roping Partner - Heeler for the Fall Eastern Rodeos.  Please call 406-980-2005

Paige Makris needs a Team Roping Partner - Heeler for the Fall Rodeos.  Please call 406-223-9965.

Kyla Burchard needs a Team Roping Partner - Heeler for the Fall Rodeos.  Please call 406-390-6570.

Zack Zook is looking for a Team Roping partner - Header for White Sulphur Springs & Havre. Please call 269-506-3270

Andrew Wittwer is looking for a Team Roping partner - Header for Havrerodeo.  Please call 406-490-3653

 Jr. High:

Scarlett Garrison is looking for a Ribbon Roping Partner for Fall Western Rodeos.  Call 406-925-9141.

Jordan Stepper needs a Ribbon Roping Partner - Eastern Rodeos.  Please call 406-860-0578

David Wagner is looking for Ribbon Roping Partner (roper).  Please call 406-490-9104

Kendal Gobbs is looking for Ribbon Roping Partner - Eastern Rodeos.  Please call 701-527-8336